'Liquid Charm' Cocktail Recipe Book

'Liquid Charm' Cocktail Recipe Book


'Liquid Charm: 12 Craft Cocktails Captured Through The Eyes Of 3 Baltimore Creatives'

Is a self-published mini cocktail book featuring 12 unique recipes using exclusively Maryland-based liquors. It was produced and made in collaboration with:

Only 50 copies will be available for sale for a limited time. This 30 page zine celebrates the resurgence of craft spirits made in Maryland + Charm City while showcasing our trio’s creative skills in photography, set design, styling & mixology.

A boozy exploration of flavor, color, texture, light and shadow play, Limonata Creative art directed each shot, hand made surfaces, prop sourced all goods from Baltimore-based makers / shops (including B. Willow, Out Of Office, The Loading Dock & ceramicist Irene D. Salmon), and styled everything on set.

This was one of the most intricate passion projects we've ever had and it was so dang FUN making it come alive! Tom & I went on a 2-day long Distillery tour to meet all the makers. It was amazing to learn everyone's unique stories and processes to creating their version of ‘Liquid Charm’. A huge thanks to all our collaborators, as well as @natebachmann for his careful eye when we were designing the book.

Featured Distilleries:

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