One of the most exciting, initial triumphs you will achieve as an entrepreneur will be when you receive your business cards.

I seriously did a happy dance in the car right after I got my letter-pressed cards done; and once the hubs got home, we had cocktails to celebrate!

For a lot of people (myself included), having business cards makes you feel legit as a professional - you’re in the game now, baby! Granted, that's not entirely true, there's a lot of other mundane activities that goes into ‘getting in the game’ and making a start-up, but this is one the most rewarding steps regardless!

Those rectangles are definitely not just pieces of paper.

They’re first impressions - insights on who you are and what your brand is about. A business card can also be a great hook, that memorable thing that motivates potential clients to circle back, contact and hire you. Which is why it’s critical for businesses to consider their logo, chosen fonts, color schemes and believe it or not, paper weights, when producing their cards.

It took me weeks to sketch, paint and design the right elements.

I finally got that ‘aha’ moment when I stepped back, looked at a particular sketch (see above right pencil drawing) and said ‘THIS IS IT- THIS IS LIMONATA’. Any sketch can turn into a great logo once you pursue a design that you believe exemplifies your vision, then you refine it and fine-tune, fine-tune, fine-tune till you get it just right.

Once I felt like I got to the 'just right' point, the next steps were to choose a printer and paper stock to go with the design. Now, this is just me, but I love a good, heavy cardstock; especially for business cards. Keep in mind that if you ever decide to get your cards letter-pressed, which I had my heart set on, you have to get heavier paper due to the printing process. 

Full disclosure guys: getting things letterpressed and having heavy cardstock will absolutely be more expensive than regular printing. And justifiably so. 

Photograph by Limonata Creative.

To get things letter pressed, the printing company needs to make a custom metal or polymer plate from your design. Many letterpress printers also still do hand-printing, which of course is more labor intensive than the average, automated machine. Lastly, the heavier the paper stock, the more expensive the cost will be.

After getting quotes from 5 different companies located nationwide, I finally decided to go with Baltimore’s very own Gilah Press.

Gilah Press is a woman-owned printing company in Hampden. Not only were their prices awesome, but the ladies (owner, Kat Feuerstein & studio manager, Jessica Smith) were super helpful and friendly throughout the process. They even let me visit their studio to check paper colors (see paper specifics at the end of this post) and watch them do a trial run of the printing process!

Here’s a video of my little lemon babies getting printed by Gilah's Tori Baggot:

Gilah Press did an awesome job and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. 

What letterpressed business cards can portray: 

  1. Luxe.
  2. Detail oriented.
  3. Going that extra step.
  4. Appreciation for bespoke design.
  5. Dressed to impress.

Biggest Downfall: Price. Which is why not that many individuals & businesses choose to go in this direction. 

Silver Lining: Not that many individuals & businesses go in this direction! So trust me, if you ever decide to take the plunge, people will notice. You wouldn’t believe the number of times I give my card to someone, they feel it in their hands and literally say “wow this is a nice card!” :). Also, because the printer will typically re-use the plate they initially made for you, the price of printing will be cheaper the second time you decide to print.

It’s been months, but I still get super excited and proud when I get the chance to whip out my business card. My hope is to let other entrepreneurs attain that pleasure when designing and completing their custom logos & cards too!




  • Printer: Gilah Press, Baltimore, MD
  • Card Size: 3.5 x 2 in.
  • Paper: 188# Savoy 100% cotton in 'Brilliant White' ; 100# French Paper in 'Lemon Drop'


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