Hi my name is Giulietta and I am a Christmas card and holiday gift procrastinator.

Like really bad. And of course because I'm a completely sane and sensible lady, the week before Christmas, instead of running out and buying a box of cards, I decided to make our own from using a block-letter press and carving our own rubber stamp design....which I haven't done for over a decade. Like I said - completely sane! ;)

Luckily, I pretty much thrive under pressure; deadlines get me in the zone! So I didn't even stop to think, I just went at it. All I knew was that I wanted pinecones in the design and that my husband, Nate, wanted to do a block letter overlay. So I sketched a pinecone motif on paper (which I now acknowledge kinda look a little too similar to hops or cannabis buds) (whoopsie!), but otherwise I'm pretty happy with the little sketch I cranked out. I transferred the sketch to the pink rubber tile and then carved. A lot. Possibly for 3-4 hours straight.

BUT then viola! A stamp was made! 

Photo by Limonata Creative Consulting

Photo by Limonata Creative Consulting

While I was upstairs carving my little heart out, Nate was in the basement cutting the letter-sized paper we had to the correct card dims (6.5" x 4.5") and printed 'Merry XMas' on all the freshly cut cards. When it was time, I then went down and stamped my design over his text in an alternate color. See if you can find our in-house lifeguard, Mitch, hanging around while we worked below! Also full disclosure: our basement is unfinished and has therefore become our playground for messy projects (and laundry).

Here's a video of Nate block printing text on the cards:

And here's me imprinting the rubber stamp carving on the cards:

Between Nate and I, we were able to get our jolly cards shipped off 5 days before Christmas. Even with the craziness of it all, I loved the process! Carving rubber is so strangely satisfying. Like carving slightly hardened play dough :)

Also, I give lots of credit to USPS - unlike me around the holidays, they on the other hand, are on top of their game! Like a Christmas miracle, most of our cards got to the right places on time!

Photo by LCC

Photo by LCC

Happy holidays to you all!



Photo by LCC

Photo by LCC



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