Over the past few months I've scored a number of event design and prop styling projects (woohoo!) that have forced me to get out there - way out there - just to find cool stuff.

From driving to a former church in the middle of nowhere for the perfect rug, to visiting boatloads of vintage stores to gather props, I feel like my knowledge of Baltimore and it's quirky little gems has exploded. So far it's been an awesome adventure; one that usually starts with 'where the heck am I?' to 'holy crap I love this place!'.

While I could be that girl with all the mysterious sources, I think it would be unfair for me to keep all of these awesome discoveries to myself! So I've decided to start a new series of posts called 'Limonata Finds'.

I encourage you, whoever you are, to read on. Then get out there and venture to these awesome places too. I'll be damned if you don't fall in love with at least ALL of them.

(and if you're too lazy, then just follow my Instagram hashtag #limonatafinds for an easy day-by-day account).




Located in the middle of no where, in a rustic building which you realize was a former church, you discover Aladdin's Lair, a secret vintage rug paradise.

So glad I found @baltimorecarpetbeggars - on Instagram of all places! After months of searching for the right rug for my office (seriously rugs are the bain of my existence) I finally found 'the one' after being there for 20 min.

While the building itself is a little worse for wear, this place is a find! So many unique pieces from around the world, all different sizes and price points. The owner, Donna, is quirky and excitable and has been dealing vintage rugs for 15 years. She even let my husband and I bring two rugs home with us on consignment just so we could make sure we were getting the right one.

NOTE: To visit you need to make an appointment first:

Baltimore Carpet Beggers | | 410.329.3181 | Reisterstown, MD


If you've never been Baltimore Clayworks - GO. They feature local pottery, stoneware, glassware and art by local & national ceramicists. Not to mention they also have a gallery space with rotating exhibitions. Their current show, Teapots VIII, is quite simply marrrrrrvelous! (Yes, I'm saying that as I'm sipping tea with my pinky up :). Isn't this ceramic pot by Mike Helke Pottery just perfect? (Teapots VIII on view until 3/4/2017).

NOTE: Take a ceramics class or attend a pottery workshop at their facilities across the street.

Baltimore Clayworks | Mt. Washington, Baltimore


Have you ever gone into a consignment shop and immediately felt overwhelmed because it looks like someone vomited antiques everywhere and you don't even know where to look?? Well this won't happen to you at Wishbone Reserve! The shop is expertly organized and they've got fantastic antique rugs, curious objects and mid-century modern chairs galore. Not to mention the awesomest, curated little nooks. Doesn't the above image look like a shelf you'd find in a seafaring capitan's quarters? 

Wishbone Reserve | Roland Park, Baltimore


Searching for dried flowers? See above photo? Nuff said.

Actually I lied - there's more. LOTS more. There's two whole floors of the gloriousness you see above and you can also make custom teas using Willow Oak Farm's dried clippings. Need more convincing? The farm also hosts wreath-making workshops and many other classes/events throughout the year. You can also purchase handmade, custom arrangements or simply buy fresh flowers to make your own. Last but not least, when exploring the grounds or taking a walk on their nature trail, you can catch a little gaggle of female turkeys or beautiful geese wandering around and enjoying the sunshine with you.

Willow Oak Flower & Herb Farm | Severn, MD


One of the best gifts I received from my former employer was landing a sales account/client just a few doors down from Antiques On The Go. I seriously shudder to think of the possibility of never knowing about this place, I love it so much. Over the past two years it's easily become one of my favorite haunts - I always manage to find something! Not only do they have a great selection of basically anything you can think of, but their prices are unbeatable. I once scored a pair of SICK mid-century modern bedside tables (currently in our bedroom) for a whopping total of $30. Plus do you see that circa 1900's Papier-mâché fox head above?? I mean, come on!

Antiques On The Go | Pasadena, MD

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