Women's Unity Cocktail Hour
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March is the time of year to recognize & celebrate women during Women’s History Month. Photographer Mary Gardella opened her doors with co-host Carlene Goodridge of Le MONADE to celebrate International Women's Day - and continued #pressforprogress. We asked women from all walks of life to come together in peace & unity. This event also included networking opportunities with local talented women - a gathering to celebrate our contributions and individuality. Limonata coordinated the color palette, theme, aesthetic, furniture, decor & props for the event to create a welcoming, artistic & contemporary environment. 

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Ticket sales also generated funding for the non-profit PIVOT. They create a pathway from prison to purpose for women in Baltimore. By creating an ecosystem of opportunity including access to housing, transportation, mental health care, addiction treatment, family services, job training, job placement, and community connections, PIVOT seeks to change these odds and create a world where a woman's past doesn't determine her future.

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