Guys - PUT ON YOUR PARTY HATS because today Limonata's 1-year anniversary!

And in my long winded style, you know what I realized? That the below picture, the cumulative depiction of these heirloom tomatoes, pretty much sums up how I feel about my first year: 

Photography by  @kategrewal  |  Styling  @limonatacreative  

Photography by @kategrewal |  Styling @limonatacreative 

Sometimes green and unripe, feeling unprepared in meeting my challenges. Sometimes bruised, and misshaped, thinking I'm not good enough to fit in with a pack of other shiny, perfect tomatoes. Sometimes small, minuscule even, making mistakes and not really knowing how to grow. But there's also the beautiful, ripe moments. The moments when I'm my best tomato, no matter the size or color or shape - where I'm proud and happy about where I am and don't want anything different. But most importantly, there's the zoom out, the bigger picture. And this is where I'm right now: seeing that all my actions, no matter what they've been, have the ability to come together and make something beautiful. 

Ps: I couldn't have gotten through this year without all the amazing creative minds that took me in like family and encouraged me in every way, ❤️ Shout out to:

First & foremost, my husband and rock, Nate.

But also, these awesome humans:

  • Tom McCorkle
  • Kate Grewal
  • Raqui Minwell
  • Mary Gardella
  • April Bly
  • Julie Hove Andersen
  • Brittany Wight
  • Currie Lee
  • Lana Brown of Fleur De Lis Florist
  • Maya of Hillen Homestead
  • Gabriella Emmett
  • Belinda Lau
  • Erin Galloway of Pump The Bump
  • Amanda Gill of Boutique Forty Four
  • Sarah Alexander
  • Sarah Acconcia of Juniper Culinary Apothocary
  • Marisa Dobson

Prop & Set Stylist + Creative Event Designer